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Sin Cara reveals what WWE told him before he asked for his release

Sin Cara in WWE
Sin Cara in WWE
Modified 16 Oct 2020

Sin Cara is one of those characters in WWE that never really took off the way that the company had expected that it would. Sin Cara's run in WWE was marked with inconsistent booking decisions and injuries, that led to him not really getting the run that he thought he would have gotten in WWE.

During an interview with Michael Morales of Lucha Libre Online, Sin Cara talked about what WWE told him before he made the decision to leave and why had stayed in the company for so long.

Readers can check out the full interview with former WWE Superstar Sin Cara here.

Sin Cara on leaving WWE; what made his stay as long as he did

Sin Cara was one of those WWE Superstars whose runs in the company never went the way that it was expected. During his interview, Sin Cara talked about how he felt that he was never going to be successful in Vince McMahon wrestling promotion.

“I already felt that my time at the company was no longer going to be successful. That I was going to get there and I wasn't going to be given that opportunity. So I asked, I talked, that is, showing them the way I wanted things to be done with me. To also have a little of voice; but unfortunately it was not like that. They already had an enigma to the character of Sin Cara. They weren't going to change it and I decided to make that decision to say: ‘You know, thank you very much, thank you for all the time I was here. I am very grateful; but it is time for me to do something new and to look for that opportunity that I have seek so much; and I think we are. We did things well during all that time. Well, I was telling them that they didn't had me employed there for 10 years because I was a bad talent. They knew that I already knew how to work with whichever talent they put in front of me. Always with affection. No matter what it was. I always showed them up in the ring and always wanted to do things well for the public, for the company and for all the people who have always been watching Sin Cara."

Sin Cara went on to add that when the time came to talk to WWE officials about whether he would be getting that push, he was told that he would never get it in WWE, and that was when he made the decision to leave.

"That was very important to me. But when the opportunity came to talk and they told me: ‘You know what, the opportunity that you are waiting for, we will never give it to you’. So they told me that. I get it. Clearly I understand it and therefore everyone decides their own future and that was the way I decided to put a statement. It wasn't because I wanted to badmouth the company or anything. No. Because at the end of the day all I have said is the truth and the statement was not something I did it from one day to the next. It was years that I was waiting for that opportunity. Then I started asking them to tell me where my life was going. If it was correct or if it was not. I waited. Because it is very comfortable to be in a place where every week you receive a payment, a check and that gives you economic stability and also inner peace for your family. In my case I have two children who depend on me."
Published 16 Oct 2020, 20:53 IST
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