Former WWE Superstar shares heartfelt Brodie Lee memory [Exclusive]

Brodie Lee
Brodie Lee

Former WWE Superstar Sin Cara shared his memories of the late Brodie Lee in his latest interview with Riju Dasgupta of Sportskeeda.

Brodie Lee tragically passed away in late December and the pro-wrestling world was left in a state of mourning. Tons of heartfelt Brodie Lee memories have been shared by various wrestlers since then. Sin Cara aka Cinta De Oro, had the following to say about Brodie Lee:

"Brodie was a great person man, like he's... if you talk to any of the boys they're not gonna tell you one bad thing about him. He was just an awesome person and an amazing dad, an amazing husband. And it's not because he's not here but he... me and him got our release on the same date. And he also asked for his release and they didn't want to give it to him. He was a guy that was so talented and it was sad to be able to not see him succeed in what he loved when he was in WWE because, again and again you know, he was not considered a top guy in that sense and it was tough."
"I remember we were on tour. If I'm not mistaken it was in Peru... Lima, Peru. We had a singles match. I think he had to take a flight to the States because his second son was going to be born. So they flew him all the way over there... some crazy thing, it was like, we finished the match and he's like, "I'm dressing," and he's like, "I'm leaving." "What are you doing, we're in the middle of a tour?" He's like, "I gotta go!" So he just left and it was just one of those fun memories. I got to wrestle him a lot in singles matches and tag matches, and even as a tag team partner... I think I posted a video of him doing the Lucha Lucha chant in Costa Rica or somewhere over there and he was just a great guy to be around man."

Brodie Lee had a short but impactful stint in AEW before his untimely passing

Brodie Lee didn't do much of note in WWE and was mostly used as a mid-card act. He made his debut in AEW in early 2020 and was revealed as The Exalted One. Brodie Lee defeated Cody for the TNT Championship in a squash match and had a solid run with the title before dropping it back to Cody.

Brodie Lee's passing came as a shock to the wrestling world and AEW's tribute show was praised by the fans on social media. Sin Cara and other wrestler's stories of Lee prove how much he loved his family and peers. His name has been etched in wrestling history as an incredibly talented athlete but also as one of the nicest wrestlers who ever lived.

Edited by Amar Anand
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