"I changed a lot of things about the character" - Sin Cara on his persona in WWE

Sin Cara in WWE
Sin Cara in WWE
Logan Turner
Modified 04 May 2021

Sin Cara (now known as Cinta de Oro) spoke this week on the Insight podcast with Chris Van Vliet. The duo had been meaning to talk for some time, with Oro taking the time to reappear in the media following his WWE release in 2019.

The pair spoke at length about many things. Most interestingly, Oro explained to Van Vliet how it felt to take up the Sin Cara mantle after it was passed on to him.

"I changed a lot of things about the character. I wasn't trying to wrestle like he was wrestling, you know? I was doing my own thing."

Oro famously took up the Sin Cara mantle from former Lucha star Mistico. Mistico portrayed the original version of the character with WWE before exiting the company amidst a storm of backstage controversy. Oro explained that he wanted to make the Sin Cara character his own by doing what he did best.

"I was putting my own persona into this new chapter of Sin Cara. It was crazy man, when I got the call to tell me 'Hey, you wanna continue Sin Cara?' I was like dreaming," Oro explained.

Oro then explained it was odd because before the original Sin Cara portrayed the character, he dawned the Mistico persona in Mexico, which was created by Oro. Essentially, the two stars traded gimmick over time.

The former Sin Cara appears to be gearing up for a wrestling return

Sin Cara in WWE
Sin Cara in WWE

The former Faceless One seems to be gearing up for a return to pro wrestling. Sin Cara (the second) has made his rounds on the media circuit. Throughout his media tour, he's discussed many aspects of his time in WWE.

Oro was released from WWE in 2019 upon his request. He spent 10 years in McMahon's copmany, which saw several start/stop pushes for the Luchador. When Oro officially left the company after requesting his release via Twitter, the company subsequently ended the Sin Cara character.

Now that the world is slowly opening back up, it's only a matter of time before Oro starts appearing in major companies. Promotions are looking to refill their talent pools, and the former Sin Cara would make a great addition to any roster.

Published 04 May 2021
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