"I wasn't getting that inside support" - Sin Cara opens up on lack of backing from a prominent WWE higher-up

Sin Cara during his WWE tenure
Sin Cara during his WWE tenure
Logan Turner
Modified 05 May 2021

Cinta de Oro - known as Sin Cara in WWE - recently spoke with Chris Van Vliet about a lack of support from a particular higher-up in the company. He spoke at length about many of his struggles with WWE management and creative.

On Insight with Chris Van Vliet, De Oro explained how he felt a lack of support from Triple H during his run as Sin Cara in WWE. He felt like The Game was never in his corner after the original character didn't work out.

"Imagine having this kid come in from Mexico, trying to make him a big star, especially during that time where Hunter was trying to show the boss that he could take over the company," De Oro said. "That was before NXT. Then this is the biggest signing that he had from Mexico. He comes in, he doesn't do anything. So in the eyes of Vince I think it was harder for Hunter to think like, 'Oh man, I failed twice now' and the decision for the name Sin Cara, from what I know, it was made by Vince to give me the name."

Cinta de Oro also spoke about how he wasn't initially meant to play Sin Cara. Mistico, signed and brought from Mexico by Triple H, was the originally-planned man behind the mask.

De Oro would inherit the mask and name after the original Sin Cara failed to impress both in the ring and backstage.

Cinta de Oro feels he never received support from Triple H because he wasn't meant to be Sin Cara. He explained that he felt like he was a sign of Hunter's failure to create a star in the original Sin Cara.

"I wasn't getting that inside support when they had those meetings. When they tried getting people over in that sense," De Oro added. "I remember when Nacho was portraying Sin Cara he would always get opportunities all the time, even if the match wasn't good or something happened. The next week he was at the pay-per-view. With me, it wasn't like that."

Sin Cara had a start/stop tenure in WWE

Sin Cara had a strange time in WWE
Sin Cara had a strange time in WWE

Sin Cara had an odd time in Vince McMahon's company. Many fans speculated that WWE would eventually make Sin Cara the next big star to succeed Rey Mysterio. That never came to be, as his push was always there one minute and then gone the next.

Sin Cara found decent success in the tag division alongside fellow Lucha star Kalisto. Maybe with the two now out of WWE, they can rekindle the magic of the Lucha Dragons once again elsewhere.

Published 05 May 2021
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