SmackDown Star discusses their recent WWE face turn

A former Champion recently turned face in WWE for the first time.
A former Champion recently turned face in WWE for the first time.

After working as a heel for her entire WWE career, Zelina Vega is now working as a babyface or 'good guy' for the first time.

Recently, Vega, alongside Santos Escobar, Joaquin Wilde, and Cruz Del Toro of the formerly known group of Legado Del Fantasma, began to assist WWE's ultimate hero Rey Mysterio in his feud with the villainous stable, The Judgment Day.

During a recent interview on the Out of Character podcast, Zelina Vega was asked how it feels to be a performer that fans cheer for now instead of being the one that is usually hated.

“Not as a babyface, I have never been a babyface on TV ever in my whole 14 years of doing this, like never. So it’s very very cool, very different.” [11:04 - 11:15]

On the SmackDown before WrestleMania 39, Rey Mysterio thanked Vega and her group for helping him, in the process the masked star brought back the iconic LWO (Latino World Order) faction, with Legado Del Fantasma becoming part of the stable.

Santos Escobar on WWE reviving the LWO

Before the group's revival late last month, the faction that was started by the late great Eddie Guerrero was last seen on-screen in WCW on January 1, 1999.

Speaking with Kayla Braxton on The Bump, Santos Escobar spoke about how it feels to be part of the reformed faction alongside the likes of Rey Mysterio.

"To be a part of this reincarnation, reformation, regrouping of the LWO, it's very important to me because I get to carry on with what they did. And I get to put my own sauce and my own salt and pepper on it. And I love that." (H/T Wrestling Inc)

The LWO has truly established itself as a main event faction recently, with them closing Monday Night RAW this week alongside other top WWE stables.

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