WWE SmackDown Superstar to return, calls out Rey and Dominik Mysterio

Rey and Dominik Mysterio have a new rival on SmackDown
Rey and Dominik Mysterio have a new rival on SmackDown
Levi Grayshon
Modified 06 Feb 2021

It looks like Kalisto might be making his way back to a WWE ring. In a video on social media, the former WWE United States Champion made it clear that he's coming back, and he has his sets set on the legendary Rey Mysterio.

Kalisto is an accomplished WWE Superstar. He has won several titles, including the Cruiserweight Championship and the NXT Tag Team Championship. Mysterio is a future Hall of Famer, and he's one of the most famous luchadores of all time. He is a former world champion, but he doesn't have any on-screen connection with Kalisto.

On his Twitter page, SmackDown Superstar Kalisto revealed that he will be making his return to television. Kalisto remained on SmackDown after the draft, but he hasn't been featured there. He hasn't wrestled since November, but he made it clear that he'll taking a more active role on the blue brand.

"Allow me to introduce myself, I am the 773 Lucha kid... I am Lucha. I am Kalisto. The greatest Luchador of all time, and also in the best shape of my life! You know why? Because I believe in what I say, and I believe in what I do."

In the video, Kalisto discussed his lack of an appearance at WWE Royal Rumble, and he said that SmackDown will be the stage for his return to action. He called himself the greatest luchadore of all time.

In the build to his SmackDown return, Kalisto had strong words for Rey and Dominik Mysterio

Kalisto in WWE
Kalisto in WWE

Kalisto appears to be coming back to SmackDown with a bone to pick with both Rey and Dominik Mysterio. The star appeared bitter towards Dominik's inclusion in the 2021 Royal Rumble. Kalisto hinted that he's jealous of the young Mysterio's current status on SmackDown in comparison to his role on the brand.

"So, you have the audacity to comment on my pictures and say that Rey is the greatest of all time. You are all brainwashed. See, the difference between Rey and I, is opportunity. Hey Dominik, I'm sure you're used to all that, right? Opportunity? At the Royal Rumble? That could have been me. I could have won that Royal Rumble. I could have beaten every single Superstar in that ring. And you didn't. You're weak. Rey, you have a weak son. He needs a lot to learn. I know what to do. And I know my motivation. So Rey, it's time for you to step aside, and let the GLOAT take over. I am done sitting in the sidelines."

In the message, Kalisto criticized Rey's abilities as a father and questioned Dominik's opportunities to succeed on SmackDown. By calling out the Mysterios, it seems like Kalisto will have a prominent role on the blue brand sooner rather than later.

Published 06 Feb 2021
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