Statement finally released after 3 wrestlers quit under controversial circumstances

Fans aren
Fans aren't happy with this situation.

A statement has now been released following the recent controversial exit of three wrestlers from a wrestling organization.

Christina Marie, Rebecca Scott, and Ultra Violette recently quit Capital Championship Wrestling after relinquishing their respective title belts. A cryptic statement was shared by the three wrestlers via Marie's official Twitter handle. The three stars stated that CCW's recent actions had affected both the locker room as well as the fans, and they had decided to relinquish their titles and quit as a result.

Now, CCW has released a statement responding to the trio's tweet. Check out an excerpt from the statement:

"We established CCW with the intention of providing a platform for talented women to showcase their abilities. We wanted to give countless skilled women who simply needed an opportunity. However, it is impossible to please everyone, no matter how hard we try. We would like to express our respect for the three wrestlers who have chosen to leave CCW. Nevertheless, we must address we made an error with one of our sponsors. We have acknowledged this mistake, apologized, and the Sponsor was refunded as soon as possible."

CCW had a lot more to say in response to the statement made by the three wrestlers

CCW further stated that it believes in honoring its commitments and making sure that the sponsorships contribute to various aspects of its operations. The promotion also stated that it has nothing to hide and that it doesn't generate any revenue.

Although the wrestling promotion turned off the replies to its tweet containing the statement, fans were ruthless while quote-tweeting the same. Many fans bashed the promotion in the quote-tweets. Some called it out for turning the replies off, while many other fans pointed out the questionable timing of the statement.

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