Stephanie McMahon finally reveals what will happen in WWE after Vince McMahon steps down 

Stephanie and Vince McMahon.
Stephanie and Vince McMahon.

Vince McMahon has been in the wrestling business for as long as he can remember, and you can love him or hate him, but the WWE boss deserves all the respect for making wrestling a global phenomenon.

Vince McMahon may get a lot of criticism for how the WWE product has evolved over the years, but the 75-year-old legend continues to be one of the hardest working people in the company. But what happens when McMahon steps down from his WWE duties? Many fans have debated over the question for several years.

Stephanie McMahon shared her thoughts on the topic while appearing on the Bloomberg Business of Sports podcast. She was asked how WWE will continue to execute Vince McMahon's vision after the boss' retirement.

Stephanie McMahon said it would be impossible to find an ideal replacement for Vince McMahon as the WWE Chairman's work just can't be replicated.

She said the show would have to go on once Vince McMahon relinquishes his position, and the onus will then be upon the entire group and not just one particular individual.

"I do think a lot of the institutional knowledge is important, particularly with regards toward the core content. But it's also surrounding our business with strong, smart executives. And that's exactly what we have. So I do think it's the marriage of institutional knowledge, the incredible production value, the creation of talent IP and storylines, and really strong business executives to help us expand. I think it's a combination of things.

The WWE Chief Brand Officer explained that WWE has many exceptional executives that will continue to drive the company forward. Stephanie McMahon added that WWE's future depends on the concerted efforts of many talented and experienced people who work for the promotion.

"I don't think there will ever be a person to person replacement for Vince McMahon. He does too much. The landscape would look different; however it shakes out. But I think it's a marriage of those things."

Think about what he's done: Stephanie McMahon talks about Vince McMahon's achievements in wrestling


Stephanie McMahon also praised her father's accomplishments and noted that Vince McMahon was way ahead of the game who just had a bigger goal.

She said Vince McMahon took a regional business to a national and international level. The WWE Chairman foresaw the potential for TV syndication and advertising in wrestling.

"It's really remarkable when you think about our history and what Vince accomplished. Think about what he's done. He took what was a regional business and had the vision to go around and create one organization, nationally and the ultimately globally. My father saw the opportunity for syndication; he saw the opportunity for advertising. Ultimately he saw the opportunity to really create something that had never risen to the level of popularity it had never been." H/t WrestlingInc

A handful of people have been tipped to replace Vince McMahon with Triple H and Shane McMahon's names ranking high on the list. However, Stephanie McMahon's statements clearly convey the idea that Vince McMahon is irreplaceable. What do you think? How do you see a Vince McMahon-less WWE faring in the future?

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