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WWE News: Stone Cold Steve Austin recalls pranking Goldberg

Stone Cold talks about Goldberg, Undertaker, pranks in WCW and more

Goldberg and Stone Cold Steve Austin are close friends

In the recent episode of Stone Cold’s online podcast The Steve Austin Show, Austin recalled a prank that he played on WCW veteran Goldberg. Austin also talked about other ribs that would often happen in the locker room with his guest, former WWE referee and time keeper Mark Yeaton.

While talking about his signature beer guzzling style, Austin mentioned an incident with Goldberg. Austin revealed that Goldberg didn’t drink.

So after his match at WrestleMania XX, Austin tossed several beers to Goldberg to get him drunk. Austin knew that Goldberg would have to down the beers because it would have otherwise harmed his gimmick. Austin chuckled saying that Goldberg might have been buzzed that night after drinking that much beer.

Here’s a video of Goldberg talking about Austin’s beer drinking:

Yeaton and Austin discussed other ribs and Yeaton revealed that he had been a victim of some vicious pranks. Yeaton said that he once woke up in the locker room with his feet on fire. During another instance, Yeaton told Austin that he woke up on an aeroplane one time, with a glass of water filled to the brim between his legs.

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Austin also recalled the malicious nature of ribs that were pulled on wrestlers during his WCW days.

He said that many wrestlers lost their eyebrows while they were asleep on the bus during overseas trips. He fondly remembered Mr. Fuji and Curt Henning as some of the classic pranksters. Austin said that Owen Hart too, would often pull pranks at others’ expense but they were all in good humour and improved morale in the locker room.

Here’s a video of Steve Austin talking about getting Goldberg drunk:

Austin also spoke of missing the life on the road as a WWE Superstar. He pointed out that he had a hard time coping with the fact that he would not wrestle again and it was a difficult transition for him. 

Speaking on the Undertaker, both Austin and Yeaton agreed that the gimmick was scary and Mark Calaway played the part to perfection. Austin credited Mark for never breaking kayfabe and for staying true to his character once he walked out of the curtain.

Austin also talked about working at the Madison Square Garden in New York. He said that it was his second favourite place to work at after Chicago.

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