"That poor kid" - Kurt Angle feels WWE star has not been given enough chances due to his size

Kurt Angle feels that a RAW Superstar continues to be underrated in WWE.
Kurt Angle feels that a RAW Superstar continues to be underrated in WWE.
Lennard Surrao

Kurt Angle briefly spoke about Chad Gable's WWE status during a recent Q&A session. He highlighted why the RAW Superstar was one of the most underrated talents on the entire roster.

Angle feels WWE probably considers Chad Gable to be "undersized" and is reluctant to book him higher up the card as a singles talent.

The WWE Hall of Famer praised Gable's athleticism in the ring and believed that if presented well, he could have a similar effect as AJ Styles had on the wrestling business.

Kurt Angle stated that Styles was physically small compared to other big superstars of his era, but that didn't stop him from putting together a Hall of Fame-worthy career:

"Chad is still underrated. That poor kid, because of him being undersized, he hasn't gotten much of a chance that he should. And I really believe that if they gave him that shot, he would be another great athlete like AJ Styles. AJ was undersized too, and I think that Chad Gable would have the same effect."

Will Chad Gable get a main event push in WWE?

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This isn't the first time Kurt Angle has spoken honestly about Chad Gable, as he shared his opinions on the latter on a previous podcast episode.

Gable is also a former Olympian, and Angle said that the current WWE star could legitimately beat any other wrestler in a real fight:

"You know, in real life, he could whoop any of those wrestlers' a**es. So, you know, he's a real-life bada**. To not have him go to the main event level where he deserves to be just blows my mind. Because he is very talented, great technical wrestler, former Olympian, you can't ask for anything more than that."

It's astonishing when you realize that Gable has been with WWE since 2013. The former amateur wrestler spent some time in the company's developmental system before forming a successful partnership with Jason Jordan.

WWE's attempts at repackaging the underrated star as 'Shorty G' didn't receive favorable reactions from fans as he went back to being a tag team performer.

Gable started the Alpha Academy storyline at the end of 2020 and surprisingly recruited Otis as his client. The unlikely duo have since been one of the top heel teams in WWE, and they continue to be featured regularly on RAW.

However, is there still hope for Chad Gable to break out as a significant singles superstar? Did WWE miss a golden opportunity with the 35-year-old wrestler? Let us know what you think in the comments section.

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