"That's what Vince and the WWE like to do" - How Vince McMahon likes to deal with angry crowds revealed [Exclusive]

Vince McMahon
Vince McMahon
Modified 06 Feb 2021

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon knows exactly what to do in his events so as to deal with fans. The Bushwhackers revealed that Vince McMahon knew exactly how they would deal with angry crowds in arenas back in the day.

The Bushwhackers were one of the most popular tag teams to have wrestled in WWE and their popularity with the fans was something that was evident to everyone.

During an interview with Sportskeeda's own Riju Dasgupta, The Bushwhackers talked about how Vince McMahon dealt with angry crowds. If there was ever a segment where a major babyface like The Ultimate Warrior or Hulk Hogan lost or were hurt, then Vince McMahon put on a popular act just for the arena after that match was done so that the fans could go home happy.

"Well, what they used to do, if Hulk Hogan and Warrior were the main event for the night, no matter if it was in Madison Square Garden, no matter where it was. They would put that match on the card just after intermission. Then they would have another match after that. Then they used to save our match every night in the territory till last. So what they would do, as they play our music, 'with a combined weight bla bla bla, Luke and Butch, The Bushwhackers!' And we'd march in, and the people all would be marching. Everybody was happy. They would be going crazy during the match and we'd get our hand raised and they would send the people home from all the arenas happy. That's what Vince and the WWE like to do." 

Readers can see the whole interview here.

The Bushwhackers on how WWE fans reacted to Vince McMahon's putting them on last

The Bushwhackers revealed how WWE Chairman Vince McMahon finished off WWE's big shows with matches just for the arena that would cheer up the WWE audience and send them home happy while keeping the storylines going for television. But as a result of Vince McMahon putting on an enjoyable match with The Bushwhackers, the fans would be going home happy from the arena.

"They like to finish off their big shows, or main shows, or other shows, making people happy and keeping them out of the idea that they were p**sed off because Hulk Hogan got sc***ed or someone got sc***ed. Got their mind off that. They would revisit that on television. But they left the arenas in a happy mood."
"They would be marching around the street Bushwhacker style while they were going to the bars on their way to home." 

The Bushwhackers are going to be on tour for the next two years and plan to go to India before they finish their run. Luke mentioned that it would be their last run and that fans could contact them at 

Published 06 Feb 2021
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