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WWE News: Big Show has high praise for Roman Reigns, says that he is wrongly booed

Big Show believes that Roman's work ethic will prevail and win him fan support.

Big Show said that it was easy for him to work with Roman Reigns in the ring

What’s the story?

WWE Superstar Big Show was recently interviewed by Brian “FranchisePlay” Mazique. Show spoke on several issues in the WWE, but the main talking point of the interview was the fan reaction to Roman Reigns.

In case you didn’t know...

Roman Reigns has been strongly pushed over the past couple of years.

This booking as labelled him as a product of the corporation and has made him the victim to resounding boos in arenas all around the United States. Fans over the past couple of months have slightly warmed up to Roman, but a large percentage of the adult WWE fanbase are still hostile towards ‘The Big Dog.’

The heart of the matter

Big Show was full of praise for Roman Reigns saying that Roman’s skills inside the ring were often overshadowed by the fact that he is a big guy. He added that Roman was one of the most athletically gifted and good looking guys on the roster. Show also revealed that it was very easy to work with Roman inside the ring.

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Show then went on to deride internet wrestling experts as being the primary reason for Roman Reigns being booed. He was quoted as saying:

“Our audience has a way of being misinformed from the wrong people. The internet is filled with so-called experts who couldn’t lace up a pair of boots.

He’s getting a lot of grief for stuff that isn’t his fault. It’s the in-thing to boo Roman Reigns. In time, through Roman’s work ethic, he’ll be able to change a lot of those opinions.”

What’s next?       

Roman Reigns will be walking into one of the biggest fights of his life this Sunday at Fastlane 2017 against the ‘Monster amongst Men’ Braun Strowman.

Big Show, on the other hand, has been working hard and conditioning himself for a WrestleMania 33 encounter against Basketball legend Shaquille O'Neal.

Sportskeeda's Take

Roman Reigns, as Big Show pointed out, is one of the safest workers to work with, in the WWE.

Reigns certainly fits the mould of Vince McMahon’s idea of a champion, but his booking and character have prevented him from attaining fan support like others on the roster such as Seth Rollins, Finn Balor, and AJ Styles. 

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