The Miz explains why Chris Benoit kicked him out of the WWE locker room

Chris Benoit did not want The Miz to change in the locker room
Chris Benoit did not want The Miz to change in the locker room

The Miz has explained why he was kicked out of the WWE locker room early on in his WWE career.

In 2006, Chris Benoit told The Miz he could no longer change with his fellow WWE Superstars. The Miz, a WWE rookie at the time, had been accused of eating chicken over referee Scott Armstrong's bag.

The latest WWE 24 documentary, available on Peacock and the WWE Network, focused on The Miz's WWE career. The two-time WWE Champion gave his version of what happened when Benoit banned him from the locker room.

“One day I was eating a piece of chicken in the locker room,” he said. “Someone comes in and goes, ‘Dude, you’re eating over my bag.’ And his bag was right there. I was like, ‘Oh, no, no, no.’ He goes, ‘Dude, you just got stuff all over my bag.’ I go [shakes head]… I still don’t think I got stuff on his bag, but I was [saying], ‘I’m sorry, I apologize.’ Another person walked in, ‘Oh, you got stuff on his bag? How could you do that? Unbelievable.’ And I thought they were joking.”

Kofi Kingston worked in WWE’s Deep South Wrestling developmental territory during The Miz’s early years on the main roster. He said he often heard “horror tales” about what the up-and-coming star had done to upset people.

The Miz didn't return to the WWE locker room for seven months

The Miz went on to become one of WWE's most featured superstars
The Miz went on to become one of WWE's most featured superstars

Mark Henry and Zack Ryder said they saw The Miz changing in the janitor’s closet at WWE shows. The Miz added that he even had to use the same restroom as WWE fans instead of his co-workers.

Although The Miz did not mention Chris Benoit’s name, he went on to reveal what the former WWE Superstar said to him.

“It was almost like I was taking the chicken and just throwing it in the locker room and just smearing it all over the place and all over stuff,” he added. “That’s what I felt like, and I’m appalled. ‘I am so sorry, I did not mean to do it. I’m just trying to do the right thing here.’ And he goes, ‘You are not allowed to dress in our locker room. I think you should just stay out of the locker room.’”

The man behind The Undertaker, Mark Calaway, is one of the most respected performers in WWE history. After facing each other on SmackDown, Calaway gave The Miz permission to change with everyone else seven months later.

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