The Miz reveals the secret to working without sustaining severe injuries in WWE

The Miz and Daniel Bryan
The Miz and Daniel Bryan

The Miz is one of the few WWE Superstars who had an illustrious career without sustaining severe injuries. The Awesome One has worked in WWE for 15 years and has taken very little time off to nurse an injury.

The Miz on working in the WWE

The Miz was in an interview with Sportskeeda's Ben Kiely. On the show, the former WWE Champion spoke about performing in an empty arena and the WWE Superstars that have grown during the pandemic.


Also, on the show, The Miz spoke about performing in the WWE without sustaining a severe injury and how he manages to do so.

"Well, if you ask Daniel Bryan, I have safe way working, which I think is a compliment. But, I would say that I always make sure that I'm able to perform the next day. Honestly, sometimes, we overwork ourselves. We don't get enough sleep, we are working out five days a week and the workouts aren't your normal average everyday workouts. This isn't for kids. We are trained professionals in what we do and its very dangerous what we do. So, I always make sure that I train but I don't train too hard to where I am overly exhausted and go into a WWE ring and cant perform my 100% and give it my best. I make sure that the things I do are things that have been done before and if it is not, honestly, I am very durable, I guess you could say."

The Miz went on to say that he has changed his workout regiment after consulting a fitness trainer as well. The trainer had pointed out a few crucial mistakes that The Miz was committing during his workout, and since then, he has been taking better care of himself. The Miz also noted that he had employed a chef who looks after his diet so that he can perform at optimal levels.

Currently, The Miz and John Morrison are involved in a feud with Otis and Tucker.

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