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The Mountie reveals what happened after he spoke to Shawn Michaels for the first time in 15 Years (Exclusive) 

Shawn Michaels.
Shawn Michaels.
Modified 02 Dec 2020

The latest edition of SK Wrestling's UnSKripted with Dr. Chris Featherstone had 'The Mountie' Jacques Rougeau as the special guest. This was The Mountie's second appearance on SK Wrestling live Q&A series. Mountie shared many stories about working with some top names from the business, and he even revealed a recent incident involving Shawn Michaels.

The Mountie, a 1-time IC and 3-time WWE Tag Team Champion, has his podcast called 'The Rougeau Podcast, Pere et fils (Father and Son), and Bret Hart was one of the recent guests. The Mountie managed to get a taped message from Shawn Michaels for the Bret Hart episode of his podcast. Mountie spoke to Shawn Michaels last month, and surprisingly enough, it was his first phone call or conversation with HBK in over 15 years.

The Mountie revealed that 'something extraordinary happened' when he called up Shawn Michaels. The former WWE Superstar cried for the first twenty seconds as soon as HBK answered the call. Mountie couldn't speak for some time as he felt like he had found his family. Mountie spent a lot of time with HBK and several other Superstars in the 90s, and he was emotionally overwhelmed to reconnect with Michaels.

Shawn Michaels responded by saying, 'it's okay,' and Mountie got a hold of himself before talking to the WWE Hall of Famer.

Here's what Mountie said about the touching moment he shared with Shawn Michaels:

"Shawn Michaels. I spoke with (Shawn) about a month ago because he sent me a message for Bret for my podcast that you will see. You will see a message of Shawn Michaels to Bret on my podcast. So, that's funny, you know, a little awkward but very funny.
You know what, I'll tell you a secret, Chris. You're going to like this because I see you are a good-hearted man. Something happened, extraordinary, when I called Shawn Michaels. I hadn't spoken to him, maybe in 15 years, 20 years, I don't know, and when he answered the phone, I started crying. I couldn't speak for about twenty seconds. And he told me, 'It's okay Jacques, it's okay,' And that's all he said, 'It's okay, it's okay.' And then I got a hold of myself, and I got my breath back, and we started talking, and then I asked, but it was like finding my family again. I spent so many hours with these guys, in the gym, in the planes, in the everywhere! So, it was a very touching moment when I talked to Shawn. It was very touching."

Don't forget to check out the latest edition of SK Wrestling UnSKripted, in which Mountie also spoke about him falling out with Kevin Owens, his clean win over Hulk Hogan, and more.

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Published 02 Dec 2020, 13:11 IST
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