The New Day officially disbands after their farewell match on SmackDown

Gratitude for the six years
Gratitude for the six years
R. Nath

It feels surreal, but The New Day is one faction that WWE fans would never have imagined breaking up. Lasting close to six full years, The New Day is the longest-reigning faction in WWE history that holds the record as the longest-reigning tag team champions in WWE history.

To say that they have been significant would be a huge understatement. They entered unchartered territory as a tag team and enjoyed several reigns together as tag team Champions.

However, their crowning achievement was perhaps in 2019, when they achieved their biggest goal - to make Kofi Kingston the WWE Champion. That happened and while he hasn't gone back to the title picture since,

Last week in the WWE Draft, it was revealed that Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods would be going to RAW without Big E - who was immediately drafted separately to SmackDown.

In their farewell match on SmackDown, The New Day would have an emotional speech looking back on their six years together before proceeding to defeat the trio of Cesaro, Shinsuke Nakamura, and Sheamus. They were victorious in a great effort:

After the match, the trio embraced and they expressed their gratitude for their time together.

What will the post-New Day era look like?

The New Day has been the most popular tag team in wrestling across the world for the last few years. They've changed the entire tag team wrestling game and will be looked back on as one of, if not the greatest tag team and faction in WWE history.

Their impact can't be understated. Their feud with The Usos is perhaps one of the best tag team feuds in WWE this past decade. It's going to be interesting to see how the post-New Day era will look like, but we imagine that the biggest beneficiary will be Big E, who is being positioned for a big singles push.

It's not surprising that he got the win for his team and we expect big things for him going forward. Perhaps The New Day could produce their second World Champion soon.

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