The Rock's daughter Ava reacts after Nick Aldis is pleaded to sign 26-year-old star to SmackDown

Picture Courtesy: WWE on YouTube
Nick Aldis will have his sights set on several NXT stars (Picture Courtesy: WWE on YouTube)

NXT is a hotbed for talent, and The Rock's daughter Ava, who is the general manager of the brand, knows this, as do the other WWE General Managers Nick Aldis and Adam Pearce. In a response to Corey Graves begging Aldis to sign a certain 26-year-old star to SmackDown, Ava responded.

The WWE Draft is presumably a year away, although that doesn't mean superstars can't be called up from NXT. Shawn Michaels' NXT is hot right now, featuring many exciting, young superstars who are waiting to get their break on the main roster while simultaneously creating their legacy in NXT. NXT North American Champion Oba Femi is one of those stars.

After the 26-year-old Oba Femi retained his NXT North American Championship against Wes Lee and Joe Coffey, all eyes were on him. Corey Graves, the voice of Smackdown, pleaded for Nick Aldis to sign Oba Femi, and NXT GM Ava simply responded with an "ummm."

Check out the exchange below:

This response was presumably her expressing confusion. Oba Femi is an extremely valuable asset to the NXT roster, and although he seems to have exactly what it takes to succeed on the main roster, some feel as though he should take his time.

Following his dominant win where he also beat arguably the greatest North American Champion of all time Wes Lee, Oba Femi doesn't look like he's going to drop the title any time soon.

Perhaps he could take the Asuka route of vacating his title before moving to RAW or SmackDown. Safe to say, Nick Aldis and Adam Pearce will be involved in a bidding war.