The Rock's daughter revealed as newest member of The Schism on WWE NXT

The Rock
The Rock's daughter, Ava Raine

On the latest episode of WWE NXT, The Schism revealed Ava Raine to be their newest member. Raine (real-life Simone Johnson) is the daughter of The Rock.

The Joe Gacy-led faction have been hyping the arrival of a new member over the past few weeks. During one of their recent segments, a mysterious person in a red hood was seen in the crowd, which led to speculation on who the new addition to the group could be.

It is also now clear that Raine was the person in question. On the latest episode of WWE NXT, Joe Gacy, Rip Fowler and Jagger Reid all came out wearing masks, along with Ava Raine. However, the identity of the fourth person was under wraps until Gacy asked Raine to remove her mask.

After revealing her identity, Raine said that her new family, The Schism, "completes" her.

Fowler and Reid, formerly known as Zack Gibson and James Drake of The Grizzled Young Veterans, also joined Gacy's faction a few months ago. The three men were recently seen feuding against Cameron Grimes with the aim of recruiting him to the group.

With Raine joining their ranks as the sole female member, it remains to be seen what is in store for The Schism in the next few weeks.

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Edited by Debottam Saha