The Rock is "unemployed" right now and needs to be relevant again, says 33-year-old WWE star

The Rock is a retired WWE legend
The Rock is a retired WWE legend

The Rock may have been WWE's golden boy during the Attitude Era, but Dwayne Johnson left the company to pursue a full-time career in acting circa 2003. He then returned for a two-year run between 2011 to 2013. While he only made sporadic appearances during this time, his rivalry with John Cena was a marquee.

Despite quietly retiring in 2019, The Rock is often considered the dream opponent for Roman Reigns ever since the latter donned the role of The Tribal Chief. However, Grayson Waller has managed to trash-talk his way up to the future Hall of Famer.

Regarding a potential segment at WWE SummerSlam on August 5th at Ford Field in Detroit, Waller commented as to why The Rock would want to step into the ring with him. Speaking on MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani, the SmackDown star claimed:

"Come and talk to me and I'll make you relevant again," Waller said. "He [The Rock] saw me do that with John Cena, he saw me do that with Edge, and I think he's out of work right now. He's unemployed, correct?" [2:51:20 onwards]

The Aussie brought up 2023 Hollywood labor disputes, reminding Helwani that The Rock is likely looking to find work:

"Technically, he is unemployed. I think he needs some work, and who better to help The Rock than Grayson Waller? So I just sent out a little video. I didn't even tag him, mind you. All of a sudden, he's coming back with the same insults he's been using for 15 years."

The Rock and Waller's jabs at each other on social media caught the attention of many fans, with some even believing that the braggadocious SmackDown star could be the one to bring The Brahma Bull back to WWE.

Grayson Waller sends an "open invitation" to The Rock to join him at WWE SummerSlam

Waller further mocked The Rock for reacting to him and not being concerned about Roman Reigns. In the same interview, the Aussie's even brought up the legend's daughter Ava Raine, who, in his words, is part of a "cult" in NXT, while inviting The Rock to The Grayson Waller Effect:

"There's now an open invitation to The Grayson Waller Effect. If he wants to come on the show, you know," Waller said. "I know his daughter is in a cult right now in NXT, his family is in shambles on the main show, but he seems to be worried about Grayson Waller."

When asked if The Rock and Grayson Waller will meet face-to-face at WWE SummerSlam, the 33-year-old fired a shot at the legend's daily routine:

"He can make any claims about a busy schedule, but I know you don't have a busy schedule now, lad. You wake up at 4:00 a.m. to work out, you're done by about 6:00 a.m., you've got a whole day free."

Grayson Waller had a successful in-ring segment at WWE Money in the Bank opposite The Rock's former rival, John Cena. At Madison Square Garden on July 7th, he made his in-ring debut against The Rated-R Superstar Edge.

Please credit MMA Hour and give a H/T to Sportskeeda Wrestling for the transcription if you use any of the quotes.

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