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WWE News: The Rock wants to run for President in 2020

Riju Dasgupta
5.20K   //    16 Nov 2016, 06:18 IST
Can the ‘great one’ make America great again?

Just last week, Donald Trump became the first WWE Hall of Famer to ever become US President. But in the 2020 elections, will he be competing against one of the greatest WWE stars of all time? If his recent interviews are anything to go by, that might very well be a possibility.

Dwayne Johnson is no longer a full-time member of the active WWE roster. However, he is still beloved by the millions and millions of his fans, who clamour for his return to the ring every year.

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As was evidenced in his blink-and-miss appearance at Wrestlemania (where The Rock pinned Eric Rowan in 6 seconds), Dwayne Johnson is one of the most recognisable names in wrestling.

And now, having embarked on his career as a movie star and having attained major success in the same, The Rock is a man who has made a mark across genres of entertainment. Little wonder then, that the man wants to run for President in the year 2020. And if rumours are to be believed, he stands a good chance of winning too!

Can Rocky go from the ring to The White House?

In an interview with Vanity Fair The Rock admitted that he hasn’t ruled politics out, but he added that he wasn’t sure at the moment.

He was keen on the same, however, as he considered it to be a great way to help people out. He concluded by saying the past elections show that anything can happen, obviously referring to Donald Trump becoming the President of the United States of America.

In another interview with People, The Rock said that he used to say that he would run for President of the United States jokingly once. But it was with genuine interest and very earnest. He said that he asked himself whether he could make a difference and whether he cared about the country enough.


In both cases, the answer was yes and hence, the signs are promising. Johnson says that of all the lessons he's learned in life, kindness is the most important.

Does America smell what The Rock is cooking?

Aside from his political ambitions, The Rock is the highest paid movie star in the whole world. He was also chosen as the Sexiest Man Alive recently. Having reached the pinnacle in both sports entertainment and Hollywood, the sky seems like the limit for this legendary performer.

But will ‘The Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment’ become the most powerful man in the whole world, 4 years from now? Time will tell.

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