The Undertaker names rising WWE Superstar as a "real viable heel" in the company

The Undertaker headlined Hall of Fame 2022!
The Undertaker headlined the Hall of Fame in 2022!

The Undertaker's days of dominating the men's division and burying his rivals in WWE might be over, but Deadman is still an influential part of the industry. Recently, Mark Calaway heavily praised current United States Champion Austin Theory and called him a real viable heel in the company.

In 2020, The Undertaker aka Mark Calaway wrestled his final match for the company when he main evented WrestleMania 36 Night 1 against AJ Styles in a Boneyard match. Since then, Taker has retired and hung up his wrestling boots.

But just because he's retired doesn't mean that he doesn't keep up with WWE's weekly shows and current batch of superstars. Speaking to ESPN, the Deadman heavily praised United States Champion Austin Theory and called him a viable heel. Check it out:

"Theory is gonna be one of those [top] guys. He's a natural heat-getter, but he's gotta develop a mean streak. Once he does that, once he develops a good mean streak, then he's gonna be a real, real viable heel." [H/T - ESPN]
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Theory has been praised by several legends and veterans of the industry. It will be interesting to see if and when he wins a world title in WWE.

The Undertaker appeared on the 30th anniversary of WWE RAW

In 2000, The Undertaker ditched his usual gimmick after his run with the Ministry of Darkness and donned a new gimmick called the American Badass. Fans got to witness a new side and the run lasted for nearly four years.

In 2022, Mark Calaway retired from the world of professional wrestling as a performer. He hung up his wrestling boots and began appearing outside WWE while spending time with his family.

However, The Undertaker made a special appearance on Monday Night RAW's 30th anniversary. During the show, he came out as the American Badass after LA Knight called out the legends behind the curtain during the show.

Later, Bray Wyatt joined the two superstars and had an eerie staredown with the Deadman before he hit Knight with Sister Abigal. Taker and Wyatt had a passing-the-torch moment and the former said a few words to Bray before leaving.

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