The Undertaker 'popped huge' backstage after receiving Xavier Woods' incredible gift

Xavier Woods and The Undertaker.
Xavier Woods and The Undertaker.

The Undertaker officially wrapped up his career at the recent Survivor Series PPV, and he will forever be remembered as one of the most respected names in the wrestling business.

The Phenom has many admirers in the locker room, and he has received countless gifts throughout his 33-year career, and one of the most impressive of the lot came from Xavier Woods.

Mike Chioda spoke about Xavier Woods' gift to Undertaker during the latest episode of the Monday Mailbag podcast on AdFreeShows.

The Undertaker was the undisputed judge of Wrestler's Court; a backstage forum held to iron out real issues involving the talent. Veteran referee Mike Chioda shared his experiences of being in Wrestler's Court. Chioda was told that one way of getting into Undertaker's good books was to buy him a bottle of Jack Daniels. Chioda spoke about the methods to pop the Undertaker, and he recalled how Xavier Woods successfully did it with The Undertaker.

The New Day member purchased Undertaker a gavel, also known as the little hammer that the Judge uses to call for attention.

I was like, 'S***; I never thought about that: Mike Chioda on his reaction to Xavier Woods' gift to The Undertaker

Undertaker with the gavel.
Undertaker with the gavel.

The story was covered in Undertaker's Last Ride documentary, and Mike Chioda recalled that the Deadman popped hard after getting his hands on Woods' gift. The gavel also has 'Judge Undertaker' engraved in it, and Undertaker counts it as one of the coolest gifts he's ever received.

"I remember, I think not too long ago, Xavier Woods bought 'Taker, one of the handles with the judge, the little mallets or something that the judge has, and 'Taker loved that thing. You know, I think if you want to talk about popping 'Taker when he got presented with that, and I think it says, 'The Judge, The Undertaker, The Judge, Jury, and umm, you know, and he got it engraved for him. Yeah, Xavier Woods popped 'Taker huge with that, man. That was a pretty cool gift. I think 'Taker said something like, at one point, he was like, 'One of the coolest gifts anybody has ever given him, and I was like, 'S***, I never thought about that.' (laughs) You know I should have got him one of them."

Xavier Woods indeed did a brilliant job with a very thoughtful gift.

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Edited by Lennard Surrao
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