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The Undertaker reveals some of WWE's best pranksters

The Undertaker discusses the funniest WWE wrestlers he knew
The Undertaker discusses the funniest WWE wrestlers he knew
Nithin Joseph
Modified 20 Nov 2020, 10:43 IST

On an episode of 'Hot Ones', The Undertaker revealed who he believed to be the best pranksters he had shared the locker room with in his 30-year career. The Undertaker specifically pointed out to three top tier WWE Superstars, namely 'Mr. Perfect' Curt Hennig, Mr. Fuji, and Owen Hart.

Curt Hennig and Owen Hart were well known for being the pranksters of the WWE locker room. Stories have been revealed detailing some of the most exquisite pranks that Hennig and Hart had pulled off. One time Hennig shaved off an eyebrow of the 1-2-3 Kid.

"There is a level to pranksters. You've got to put Curt Hennig up there as a all-time classic ribber."

Owen Hart famously filled Vince McMahon's office with farm animals, and The Deadman credits him as being the best prankster he has ever seen. You can read about some of The Rocket's pranks here.

"Owen Hart. My goodness. God rest his soul. What a rubber."

The Undertaker claims that Mr. Fuji would put animal heads in gear bags

Another bizarre prankster that The Undertaker credits, is none other than Mr. Fuji. Mr. Fuji was the eccentric manager for many top wrestlers and their factions. He famously managed the likes of Yokozuna, Demolition, and The Legion of Doom. Fuji, much like The Undertaker was one character that fans would always associate the 'macabre' with, considering that he was known for throwing salt in people's eyes.

However, no one would have expected that he would bring his 'macabre' demeanor into pranks as well. The Undertaker recalled how members of the locker room would regret going back and forth with Mr.Fuji, and even commented on a bizarre prank which led to an animal head in a gear bag.

"Then you got the kind of ribs which will start fights like Mr. Fuji. Guys will try to rib him back and it just escalates and escalates. Till people would think I've really made a bad mistake, becuase there is a animal's head in my gear bag now. There are some stories, if regular people were to hear them. They'd be appealed!"

It is fascinating to hear The Undertaker talk about backstage and locker room pranks. One would normally not associate 'jokes' with The Undertaker, but you probably can with Mark Calaway. The Undertaker is being retired, so maybe the fans may yet hear some more interesting tales from Calaway himself.

Published 20 Nov 2020, 10:43 IST
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