The Undertaker's entrance was even better than the matches, says WWE veteran (Exclusive)

The Phenom is arguably the greatest to ever step inside the ring.
The Phenom is one of the greatest to ever step inside the ring.

Dutch Mantell named The Undertaker one of the most sinister characters in WWE history, whose terrifying entrance was often even better than the matches.

Few performers can boast of having the impact The Deadman has had on the wrestling business. From his character work to in-ring prowess to mainstream appeal, the WWE legend had a unique presence in the industry.

Speaking on the latest episode of Sportskeeda Wrestling's Smack Talk, Dutch Mantell stated that The Undertaker managed to get fans behind him despite being a dark character. The wrestling veteran gave credit to The Phenom's legendary entrance, with the gong sound, for creating a terrifying aura surrounding him.

Mantell even claimed that the WWE Hall of Famer's entrance was so good that, many times, it was even better than what went down inside the ring.

"Well, The Undertaker was pretty dark. But, at the same time, people loved it. They hit the gong... And that's when the entrance was better than the match. You know, just playing, hitting the gong, and letting him go to the ring," said Dutch Mantell. [0:55 - 1:22]

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WWE veteran Dutch Mantell names other sinister wrestling characters

Besides The Undertaker, Dutch Mantell also named The Phenom's on-screen brother and long-time rival Kane as someone whose character was scary.

Lastly, the wrestling veteran picked Kevin Sullivan and the late Ox Baker, both of whom exuded a sense of danger despite not being traditionally dark characters.

"Kane was one. He was kind of scary. Kevin Sullivan, because he talked all that dark stuff. Here's a guy who didn't talk dark stuff; he just looked mean. I mean, if you saw him coming at you down the street, you turn and go the other way. He was Ox Baker," said Mantell. [1:24 - 1:45]
In Memphis wrestling, Ox Baker he have his manager Jimmy Hart investigate a new sickness in Tennessee that has to do with Jerry Lawler.

For those unaware, Ox Baker was primarily active in the 1970s and 1980s, performing for promotions like WWE, WCW, Stampede Wrestling, and more.

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