The Undisputed Era defeat Pat McAfee's team in ruthless WarGames match at NXT TakeOver

NXT is still Undisputed
NXT is still Undisputed
Shubham Roy
Modified 07 Dec 2020

The Undisputed Era defeated Pat McAfee and his team - The Kings of NXT after Kyle O'Reilly pinned Oney Lorcan at TakeOver: WarGames.

No stones were left unturned in the ruthless match between Adam Cole's Undisputed Era and McAfee's Kings of NXT as both teams inflicted punishment upon each other via various weapons that ranged from steel chairs and tables to cricket bats and fire extinguishers.

Kyle O'Reilly wins it for The Undisputed Era

A WarGames match cannot officially begin until members of both teams have entered inside the ring and the first two men to enter the ring were Kyle O'Reilly and Pete Dunne. O'Reilly was hell-bent on getting his revenge over Dunne after the latter heinously attacked him from behind at NXT Halloween Havoc.

However, The Bruiserweight brought his fair share of punishment to the WarGames match as he wore down O'Reilly with the cross-armbreaker. Oney Lorcan was the next to enter from McAfee's team and he applied a Sharpshooter to the already trapped O'Reilly.

Bobby Fish was out next and he leveled things up for The Undisputed Era while Kyle O'Reilly recovered. Danny Burch entered the ring next with two cricket bats and the current NXT Tag Team Champions along with Dunne brought the pain to Fish and O'Reilly.

Roderick Strong was the next to enter the ring and he tried his best to help his Undisputed Era brethren. Unfortunately, he too was soon taken out by Lorcan who slammed him onto a side of the cage.

McAfee was the next to enter the cage and he brought out several chairs from beneath the ring and four tables with The Undisputed Era members' names written on them. One by one, McAfee and his team completely dissected the members of The Undisputed Era.

Cole was the next and the last member of The Undisputed Era to enter the ring thus officially starting the WarGames match. The leader of The Undisputed Era showed his wits by bringing out a fire extinguisher and spraying its contents on the faces of The Kings of NXT.

With most of them blinded by the fire extinguisher foam, Cole managed to buy some time for his team members to recover and evened out the playing field. Somewhere during the match, McAfee showed off his athleticism by taking out all Superstars inside the ring with a Jeff Hardy-esque Swanton Bomb.

Towards the end of the match, Cole went for the Last Shot on Dunne but Burch got in the way and sacrificed himself. Dunne hit a Bitter End onto an open chair before Strong broke up the pin much like how he did so in New Orleans when he joined The Undisputed Era.Β 

Following a double team move, Kyle O'Reilly hit a top rope elbow onto Oney Lorcan with a chair on his face for the pinfall to get the victory for Undisputed Era.

Published 07 Dec 2020
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