"There was a creative difference" - Jeff Jarrett opens up about leaving WWE in 1995

Jeff Jarrett
Jeff Jarrett

Wrestling legend Jeff Jarrett recently discussed why he left WWE in 1995.

Jeff Jarrett is a WWE Hall of Famer as well as a six-time Intercontinental Champion. He's also a WCW World Heavyweight Champion. After WWE bought WCW in 2001, Jarrett went on to start TNA Wrestling the following year.

Jeff Jarrett discussed his departure from WWE in 1995 during an episode of Something To Wrestle. Jarrett said that he was happy with his run alongside Road Dogg at the time and was disappointed after Vince McMahon decided to break up their partnership. He said that his creative differences with Vince McMahon led to him leaving in 1995:

"Brian (Road Dogg) walking out and WCW wasn’t on my radar," Jarrett said. "You can think what you want. It was a creative difference. Me and Brian got together. He was in Lowell, MA. He sang in front of Vince and Bruce and others. It got him a job and they put him with me. Me and Brian were on camera as Double J and The Roadie less than six months. This is the boss (Vince McMahon) and he had the right to split us up and shoot the angle. I felt there was so much more gas left in the tank to do another song, to do a concert. I didn’t think we were ready to be split up. I voiced it multiple times, but not loud enough."
"There was a creative difference that I didn’t talk through, and I’ll put that on me more than I’ll put it on Vince because I didn’t over communicate with him." (H/T: WrestlingNewsCo)

Jeff Jarrett had a second run in WWE starting in 1997

After a stint in WCW, Jarrett returned to WWE for a second run in 1997. Jarrett's second run was largely successful and he won multiple titles, including the Intercontinental Championship and the WWE Tag Team Championships. However, Jarrett's acrimonious departure in 1999 saw him blackballed from the WWE until his return in 2018. With Jarrett's contract coming due in 1999, he refused to drop the Intercontinental Championship to Chyna until Vince McMahon paid him the money he was owed. Jarrett only dropped the title at No Mercy after he was wired the $200,000 he was owed at the time.

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