"There is so much to do" - Adam Cole on wanting to remain in NXT for now 

Adam Cole feels he has a lot left to do in WWE NXT before heading to the main roster.
Adam Cole feels he has a lot left to do in WWE NXT before heading to the main roster.
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Adam Cole has been part of the WWE NXT roster since August of 2017, but the former leader of The Undisputed Era feels no rush to move to the main roster of RAW or SmackDown.

Before his heated match with Kyle O'Reilly at NXT Great American Bash, Adam Cole sat down with Alex McCarthy of talkSPORT to discuss all things WWE. When asked about potentially heading to RAW or SmackDown, Cole said he still has a lot left to do in NXT.

"There is so much to do," Adam Cole said. "I find it so flattering that there are people that want to see Adam Cole on RAW or SmackDown so, so badly. But then there’s another group that’s like no, I want him to stay in NXT. Right now, the possibilities of things to do on any of the three brands feels endless for me."
"Being able to stay in NXT, even with the 403-day reign and being a triple-crown winner and all that stuff, I’ve been with the brand for such a long time and I’ve seen it grow so much that it’s really fun to be a part of that process," Cole continued. "I would love to win the NXT title again. I would love to face Samoa Joe. I would love the chance to wrestle Isaiah "Swerve" Scott. There’s so many possibilities within that brand."

He made it clear that he isn't finished with the black-and-gold brand yet. Henamed winning the NXT Championship again and facing Samoa Joe as two goals that he hasn't completed.

Adam Cole is exciting about potentially moving to WWE RAW or SmackDown at some point

Adam Cole and Daniel Bryan in WWE
Adam Cole and Daniel Bryan in WWE

While the idea of competing on RAW or SmackDown is exciting to Adam Cole, he's proud of the black-and-gold brand of NXT and wants to continue to help it grow. Still, he acknowledged his interest in competing on the main roster some day.

"By no means am I biding my time or saying 'OK, I’m just waiting any day now' to go to RAW or SmackDown," Cole added. "I do not feel that way at all. And that’s not saying I don’t want to go; of course the idea of getting to go up there and compete on those brands is very exciting to me."

Are you in any rush to see Adam Cole move to RAW or SmackDown, or are you happy with him staying in NXT? Sound off in the comments below.

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