SmackDown Superstar Bray Wyatt doesn't generate any heel heat, says former WWE manager (Exclusive) 

Wyatt is one of wrestling
Wyatt is one of wrestling's most terrifying acts.

Dutch Mantell believes Bray Wyatt never got booed by fans despite working as a heel in the past because he never employed any heelish tactics.

Wyatt's current avatar is one of his most fascinating ones, as he's trying to fight the evil within himself while also battling external forces like LA Knight. However, he was a full-fledged heel during most of his run as The Fiend and also as the leader of the Wyatt Family faction. Despite being pitted against the biggest of babyfaces, fans refused to boo Bray Wyatt.

Speaking on the latest episode of Sportskeeda Wrestling's Smack Talk, Dutch Mantell shared his views on Wyatt never generating any heel heat. Mantell explained that since Bray Wyatt never used underhanded tactics to defeat his opponents and always put up a fight, fans had little reason to boo him.

"I think Bray Wyatt should have, and I have said this before. Wyatt, people started liking him when they should have not been liking him because he didn't cheat to win. He never did anything underhanded; he just went out there and beat guys. So there's heat in there at all. So eventually you got to say well, he's actually not bad at wrestling, so why should I be mad at him?" said Mantell (5:00 - 5:27)

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Dutch Mantell was impressed with Bray Wyatt's booking on last week's SmackDown

In last Friday's edition of SmackDown, Wyatt and LA Knight were involved in a heated segment, which ended with the latter striking the former with two slaps. Bray, though, kept his calm and didn't retaliate back instantly.

On the same episode, Dutch Mantell also stated that he was impressed with the booking decision as he feels the focus, for now, must be on Wyatt fighting and getting over his internal turmoil.

"I liked it. The worst thing they could have done is have them do something physical because, I mean, that's not Bray Wyatt's style because he has to work himself. Now we see that he is working himself into his own frame of mind, and he is going to a different realm, and that would get over." said Dutch Mantell
That shot of the Bray Wyatt Mask behind LA Knight when he's leaving is literally cinematic. This feud is great. I want it to keep going! #SmackDown

However, it's worth noting that LA Knight was knocked out backstage later in the show. Though it wasn't revealed who the perpetrator was, it's safe to assume Uncle Howdy could have been behind the heinous attack.

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