"There's just no way around it" - Killian Dain on the wrestling industry being fickle

Killian Dain knows that professional wrestling can be fickle.
Killian Dain knows that professional wrestling can be fickle.
Matt Black

The professional wrestling industry is ever-changing, and some, like Killian Dain, would call it fickle. To be fair, he's not wrong.

Recently released WWE Superstar Killian Dain was a guest on the It's My House Podcast to talk about his time on NXT and the main roster. When asked if he believed professional wrestling was fickle, Dain confirmed that he believes it is.

"It's a fickle industry; there's just no way around it," Killian Dain said. "Like somebody who's popular in a territory one day isn't always going to be popular in that territory, there's always gonna be somebody else. So attach that to wrestling and any sports and athletes - I mean, I'm a huge Man United fan. We've had guys who are our top guy, the guy we were all behind, like Wayne Rooney, and then towards the end of his United career, he started becoming almost a villain for the United fans just because, and that is just the way it goes."

Killian Dain compares fickleness in wrestling to other professional sports

Killian Dain said despite the fickleness, you can't take things in this industry personally. But by the same token, he was very appreciative and humbled by the wonderful things he was told by people he grew up watching.

"So when you attach that to the likes of wrestling, you might get your chance you might not get your chance, but your name is one day, it's going to come up, and you just have to take it not personally," Killian Dain explained. "I do not take it personally, but I got texts and emails from people who were in charge, and I was like, you know, wow - blown away like completely humbled by some of the people I grew up watching my entire life; who said such wonderful things."

What do you make of Killian Dain's comments? Do you think the wrestling industry is a fickle place? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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