"There's levels to this, you are not on mine" - Logan Paul fires massive shot at popular star on WWE SmackDown

Logan Paul
Logan Paul is the current United States Champion (source: WWE's webste)

Logan Paul has fired some massive shots at a popular star on SmackDown. This comes after the star has been trying to get Paul's attention.

The star in question is LA Knight. Since his WWE debut, Logan Paul has proven himself to be one of the most consistent performers in the ring. By his third match, he competed against Roman Reigns, and just a few matches later, he won the United States Championship from Rey Mysterio.

Since then, he has done everything in his power to retain his title. However, in recent weeks, he has had a new challenger looking to get his attention. Last week on SmackDown, LA Knight wanted to confront the United States Champion, but he wasn't in the arena. Tonight, again on the blue brand, Knight wanted to get his attention again, but he was informed that Paul was in Los Angeles for the World Tetris tournament.

However, the United States Champion sent a video package from home. He poked fun at LA Knight for calling himself a megastar despite not winning a single title in WWE. He then said he competes against the best, and Knight is not on his level. Paul ended his video by asking Knight to return to the mid-card where he belongs.

"I know you are stupid. So let me make this simple for you stupid. I am Logan Paul. I compete with the best in the world. Real champions. You have done nothing to merit my attention. You are a walking catchphrase in a denim vest. You hillbilly-looking a** Aladdin. So let me tell you something, bro. There's levels to this, you are not on mine, so go back to the mid-card where you belong."

It would be ironic if LA Knight's first title win in WWE comes against Logan Paul for the United States Championship.

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