"They come across as so insincere" - Vince Russo on WWE not paying enough attention to MLK Day (Exclusive)

WWE Superstars had previously visited the National Civil Rights Museum in honor of MLK Day
WWE Superstars had previously visited the National Civil Rights Museum in honor of MLK Day

Vince Russo was unhappy with the way WWE celebrated or paid tribute to Martin Luther King Jr. on MLK Day on this week's RAW. He believes that the company has come across as 'insincere' with how they handled it.

Monday Night RAW kicked off with a video package that was made in honor of Martin Luther King Jr., a tribute which while appreciated did not seem to be enough for Vince Russo and many others in the WWE Universe. Apart from the video, there were no other references to MLK Day throughout the entire show.

While talking to Dr. Chris Featherstone on SK Wrestling's Legion of RAW, Vince Russo shared his concerns about the lack of tribute that was paid to Martin Luther King Jr. on Monday Night RAW this week. This was brought up while the topic of the dissent between The Hurt Business was being discussed.

"Sometimes they come across as so insencere. We saw the whole opening about Martin Luther King. Meanwhile you've got this group of four African Americans, and they don't put in Martin Luther King. It is such BS, you're gonna give me this package and that's it. Then these guys...these guys...as a matter of fact not one African American on the show is even going to bring up his (Martin Luther King) name. We had the Hurt Business, we had Riccochet, we had Xavier Woods, not one of them put over Martin Luther King in this show." said Vince Russo


Vince Russo brought up the fact that not one African American WWE Superstar mentioned Martin Luther King Jr. It was also noted that Keith Lee, probably one of the more popular African American Superstars on the main roster was not even featured on the show.

Vince Russo gives his suggestion on how WWE should have paid tribute

Vince Russo would also go on to make a suggestion on how WWE could have celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. Day. He claimed that WWE could have scrapped the whole segment where Jeff Jarrett discussed the upcoming Drew McIntyre versus Goldberg match, and replaced it with a segment involving some of the company's African American legends speaking about the civil rights activist.

"I don't want to hear Jeff Jarrett and the fake fight. Let me hear Booker T talking about Martin Luther King, let me hear Mark Henry talking about Martin Luther King, Ron Simmons talk. Let me hear those people talk, that I want to see. Let those people speak from the heart." said Vince Russo

The way in which the company handled their MLK Day tribute is definitely questionable. Do you agree with Vince Russo's opinion, and his suggestion on how it could have been celebrated? How would you have planned it? Share your thoughts down below.

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