Jim Cornette comments on WWE changing Max Dupri back to LA Knight 

WWE gave LA Knight his old gimmick back on SmackDown
WWE gave LA Knight his old gimmick back on SmackDown

Pro wrestling veteran Jim Cornette has shared his thoughts on Max Dupri reverting to his old gimmick of LA Knight and parting ways with Maximum Male Models.

The former NXT star became the leader of the heelish group after arriving on the SmackDown brand. The stable was comprised of his storyline sister Maxxine Dupri, Ma.çé (formerly Mace) and Mån.sôör (formerly Mansoor). After Triple H was put in charge of creative, the former IMPACT World Champion turned on his allies and stopped referring to himself as Max Dupri.

Speaking on the latest episode of The Experience, Jim Cornette commented on LA Knight going back to his old character, declaring that he's glad WWE has rectified its mistake.

"They're correcting mistakes, and the thing about LA Knight is, I like the fact that they've realized that they committed a crime against nature. Changing his name to Max Dupri, the whole [Maximum] Male Models thing, the Ma.çé and Mån.sôör - and by the way, those guys have to be so embarrassed. They're going out on TV looking like that doing that s***. I bet you they don't leave the house when they're home, they're afraid their neighbors will see 'em," said Cornette. (0:03-0:35)

Jim Cornette thinks WWE should have given fans a reason why LA Knight created Maximum Male Models

Many members of the WWE Universe rejoiced when Knight attacked Ma.çé and Mån.sôör and left the group. He collided with Mån.sôör in a match on SmackDown last week, which he won. He then cut a heelish promo after the bout.

Jim Cornette thinks that he should have explained to the fans why he decided to start the Maximum Male Models in the first place and why he continued doing it for weeks.

"I would have had to have given LA Knight some reason to impart to the people why he [did the Maxium Male Models thing] - obviously put it to bed, get over it, it's the worst idea anybody's ever had. But what was the reason that he went along with it for three weeks? ... There was no reason ever given as to why he did this stupid thing for four weeks or whatever." (1:07-2:15)
LA KNIGHT SMACKDOWN@RealLAKnight reminds everyone who he is on #SmackDown!

LA Knight is undoubtedly one of the best performers on the blue brand right now. It will be interesting to see what he does next now that he's no longer running Maximum Male Models.

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