"They are going to handcuff you" - Former personality warned Ricochet about signing with WWE in 2017 (Exclusive)

Ricochet performed as Prince Puma at Lucha Underground.
Ricochet performed as Prince Puma at Lucha Underground.

Marty Elias appeared on the latest episode of Sportskeeda Wrestling's UnSKripted with Dr. Chris Featherstone, and the former WWE referee was asked about Ricochet's run in the company.

Elias worked with Ricochet when the RAW Superstar plied his trade as Prince Puma in Lucha Underground (LU).

Elias was bluntly honest about Ricochet's WWE career and felt that the promotion had put the handcuffs on the highly-rated wrestler. The former WWE personality also revealed details of the conversation he had with Ricochet before the superstar left Lucha Underground to join WWE several years ago.

Ricochet rose to prominence as the masked Prince Puma in Lucha Underground, and he decided to quit the company in 2017 after attracting WWE officials' attention. While Ricochet was adamant about signing with the WWE, Marty Elias cautioned the wrestler about the difficulties he could face in Vince McMahon's empire.

Elias told Ricochet that WWE would not let him showcase his actual skillset and predicted that it could eventually stunt his growth as a performer.

Marty Elias didn't have any issues with Ricochet's desire to fulfill his dream of wrestling in a WWE ring. Still, the veteran referee was aware of the challenges that his Lucha Underground colleague was about to encounter in WWE.

Here's what Marty Elias had to share about his conversation with Ricochet:

"Oddly enough, they have put the handcuffs on him. When he was at Lucha Underground, and when he wanted to go to, and I'll be talking about these things about going underground. I'll have episodes specific to certain talent, and Prince Puma is one of them; Johnny Mundo (John Morrison) is another one. I'll give you a little snippet. I remember talking to Trevor (Ricochet's first name) when he wanted to get out of his Lucha Underground deal, and he was adamant about it, and I remember talking about it, and I said, look, you're going to go there, and rightfully so, you should go there, everybody should go there if that's the goal. But I said, here's the thing, they are not going to let you do what you're doing here at Lucha Underground. They are not going to let you be Ricochet. They are not going to let you be Prince Puma, they are going to handcuff you, and they are going to tell you to be Ricochet WWE," revealed Marty Elias.


He was adamant: Marty Elias on Ricochet wanting a WWE move

During the most recent UnSKripted, Marty Elias also recalled how Ricochet was stubborn about joining WWE. Ricochet saw the financial benefits of leaving LU for WWE, and he eventually put pen to paper and reported to NXT in January 2018.

Unfortunately for Ricochet, Marty Elias' was accurate with his informed forecasting as the talented wrestler has endured a demanding spell in WWE.

Elias continued:

"That's what they are going to be. He was adamant about it, 'No, I want to go, and I want to make the money and my son.' I said, 'Okay, alright.' Like I said, everybody should go do it, and unfortunately, like I said, that's exactly what WWE has done. And I really feel that if he was not with WWE, I think that he would be doing what he was doing in the past and who is to say he can't go to MLW and resurrect a character like Prince Puma where they take the handcuffs off them," Elias added.

Ricochet reportedly has a few more years left on his contract, and he still has time to resurrect his career in WWE.

However, do you see it happening, or should Ricochet consider looking for options outside? Share your opinions in the comments section.

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