Third lawsuit filed against Vince McMahon following WWE return

Vince McMahon
Another lawsuit has been filed against Vince McMahon

The problems keep piling up for Vince McMahon after his return to WWE earlier this month.

Mr. McMahon forced his way back into WWE on January 6, with the idea being that he had returned to help sell the company at some point this year. Days later, his daughter Stephanie McMahon resigned from the company. That same day, it was announced that Vince had been unanimously voted in as the Executive Chairman of the Board once again.

While Vince McMahon got what he wanted, there are several shareholders who are not happy about what has taken place this month.

According to Mike Leonard of Bloomberg, there is now a third shareholder lawsuit against Mr. McMahon. Unlike the first two, this one focuses on McMahon's alleged history of sexual harassment allegations and the money he's spent to cover it up.

The report states that this lawsuit could differ from the previous two filings because they "are seeking to sever their case from the consolidated action. That could keep the bylaw-related claims alive, interfering with any fee request."

Bloomberg references a 3rd shareholder lawsuit focusing on the sexual harassment allegations against Vince. The initial 2 plaintiffs are seeking a "mootness fee" because Vince reversed the bylaws amendments that leveraged his return to the…

Vince McMahon has left WWE creative in the hands of Triple H so far since returning to the company

Beyond the lawsuits, one thing wrestlers and fans alike have been worried about is the possibility of Vince McMahon returning to the WWE creative team.

Thus far, those worries have been unfounded as Triple H has told the talent of RAW and SmackDown that nothing is going to change in the day-to-day creative of WWE going forward.

Hunter promises that as far as creative goes, the buck stops with him. With the company gearing up for the road to WrestleMania, most are hopeful this is something that doesn't change anytime soon.

WWE investors leading litigation over Vince McMahon’s surprise return are fighting after he rescinded bylaw changes that would have seized power from the board

What are your thoughts on a third lawsuit being brought against Mr. McMahon and WWE in just a matter of weeks? Do you think Vince is having any second thoughts about returning to the company as quickly as he did? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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