"We saw history tonight" - Dutch Mantell praises WWE on broadcasting SmackDown from two different locations (Exclusive)

Bianca Belair performed in front of a packed audience at the Rolling Loud festival
Bianca Belair performed in front of a packed audience at the Rolling Loud festival
Nithin Joseph

This week's episode of SmackDown was a bit unconventional. WWE decided to do something that has been rarely seen before, wherein they broadcasted the same episode of SmackDown from two different locations simultaneously.

SmackDown had matches in both Cleveland, Ohio, as well as Miami, Florida, this week, as WWE partnered up with the Rolling Loud festival in Miami. The hip-hop festival, which took place at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, was packed to the brim with close to 200,000 fans in attendance.

Fans at the location were mainly there to watch some of their favorite artists, but were also treated to two quality wrestling matches, which included the SmackDown Women's Championship match between Bianca Belair and Carmella.

The reason this episode was special was because fans watching from home were able to watch footage from both locations.

Pro-wrestling legend Dutch Mantell shared his thoughts about this week's episode of SmackDown on the most recent Smack Talk with Sid Pullar III. Mantell claims to have never seen anything like this before.

"We saw history tonight. I've never seen...I don't know if you've ever seen it or not...but to broadcast a SmackDown or RAW...I may be wrong...from two cities. I've seen pay-per-views done that way but I've never seen something like SmackDown," said Dutch Mantell


It was definitely a sight to behold, especially considering that the pro-wrestling industry has just come out of some unprecedented times, with WWE bidding adieu to the ThunderDome era.

Dutch Mantell believes this episode of SmackDown advanced the pro-wrestling industry

This week's episode of SmackDown impressed Dutch Mantell so much that he believes it will bring huge advancements to the pro-wrestling industry. However, there is criticism that there was not much fan involvement in Miami.

Nevertheless, Dutch Mantell claims that this episode was so historic that fans will remember this event 100 years in the future.

"When people see this in 10 years or 20 years or even a 100 years, they'll say, 'Wow! Look at that!', they won't remember the fans, if they even responded at all. The point is all those people around that ring and I think they advance pro-wrestling with that appearance at that concert. What that will do is it will cross all the news organizations saying, 'WWE was at this big concert that had all these people, and that will further associate them with wrestling," said Dutch Mantell

What were your thoughts about SmackDown at the Rolling Loud festival? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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