Top WWE star tries to exit interview; possible attempt at dodging serious question: "Oh my god!"

Top WWE star dodges a question in an interview.
Top WWE star dodges a question in an interview! [Image via]

A young WWE star tried to dodge a question in an interview in a hilarious way. Arianna Grace made up a wild excuse as to why she couldn't answer one question. The 28-year-old is the daughter of former WWE Superstar Santino Marella.

During an appearance on The Wrestling Classic podcast, host Justin Dhillon asked Grace why she had to resort to dirty tactics to get her wins. Miss NXT vehemently denied Dhillon's accusations. She said:

"I don't know if you have really seen my matches. I feel like you must have been watching something else, because I have never ever grabbed any ropes or done anything underhanded. I only go in there to show competitive sports spirit and do my best, and any victory that I have had has been because of my sheer talent. Thank you very much!" [0:58 - 1:22]

Justin Dhillon followed it up by asking Arianna Grace if she was willing to watch clips proving she got dirty wins. Grace then made up a wild excuse of her dryer exploding and hilariously trying to hide from the camera shot.

"Did you hear that? Oh my God! Hold on a second. I think my dryer exploded. I'll be right back. I just have to check on that," Grace said. [1:26 - 1:39]

Arianna Grace seems to have inherited some of her father's comedic chops. Grace began wrestling in 2018 and was signed by WWE in 2022.

Santino Marella comments on her daughter's WWE career

During an appearance on the Developmentally Speaking podcast, Santino Marella was asked about her daughter, Arianna Grace's, stint in WWE NXT. The veteran wrestler was proud of Grace's progress on the development brand. The former WWE Intercontinental Champion was hopeful that Grace would feature on RAW or SmackDown in 2025.

"She's already featured on NXT every week, and she'll just continue to do more and more. I'm hoping, 2025 maybe, we see her somewhere on RAW or SmackDown. She just has to get more reps, more matches and more matches. She wouldn't be ready to go have a match with Charlotte [Flair] at WrestleMania, but if she's on the screen with Charlotte in a pre-tape [segment], they look like they're in the same league. That's really important—the perception of someone being a superstar. The wrestling will come," Marella said. [H/T: Wrestling Inc.]

It will be interesting to see how Arianna Grace fares in the Stamford-based promotion in the coming days.

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