Torrie Wilson namedrops Cardi B on WWE RAW; Cardi responds on Twitter

Earlier tonight on WWE RAW, Torrie Wilson name-dropped Cardi B.
Earlier tonight on WWE RAW, Torrie Wilson name-dropped Cardi B.
Matt Black

Tonight on Monday Night RAW, there was a segment on the show featuring WWE Hall of Famer Torrie Wilson, The Boogeyman, Nikki Cross, Angel Garza, and R-Truth.

During the segment, Angel Garza tried to give Torrie Wilson a rose, and she turned him down, letting him know that Cardi B and others were in a room down the hall and he should give the rose to her. Well, it turned out it was a trap, and The Boogeyman was waiting for him.

As Garza fled the room, he ran into R-Truth, who rolled him up and regained his WWE 24/7 Championship. But that's not where the story ends as the WWE Universe started tweeting at Cardi B to let her know that she was mentioned on RAW tonight. Cardi even responded by tweeting, "Wait what's going on? People keep tagging me in WWE stuff?"

Cardi B is a fan of WWE's Sasha Banks

This urged fans to continue flooding Cardi's timeline with more questions. We found out that the rapper is a fan of Sasha Banks, stating that she likes her a lot.

She also knew Melina as the woman who did the splits entering into the ring. So it's clear that she used to be a fan.

When asked if she watched WWE during the era of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, she replied:

"Naaaaa I was still to young when he was on. I started watching when Booka T, Eddie gurrero, triple H, batista, John cena, Edge, Melina, Trish stratus, Lina [sic] ETC was on!"

Maybe this walk down memory lane will reignite Cardi B's fandom. Would you like to see Cardi B do something with WWE?

Let us know by sounding off in the comments section below.

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