Triple H admits AEW is "exciting and fresh"

AEW's Cody; Triple H
AEW's Cody; Triple H
Nishant Jayaram

AEW, since starting last year, has grown by leaps and bounds. The promotion goes head-to-head with NXT on Wednesday nights, and has got the better of the WWE brand on most occasions. Triple H, who has been the brains behind NXT, and has transformed the promotion, recently spoke about WWE's latest rival and made a startling admission.

While speaking at WWE's annual shareholders meeting earlier this month, Triple H admitted that AEW is "exciting and fresh".

Triple H on AEW

Triple H was asked if AEW had taken some of WWE's market share to which The Game replied that AEW is an exciting and fresh product, and that "there’s some interest in it". But, Triple H said that WWE have been successful for years doing what they do best and that they will do so for a long time.

"To me, there’s a moment in time when you begin something and it’s very exciting and it’s fresh and there’s some interest in it, certainly. But it’s a big world. We continue to be focused on our product, continue to be focused on the development of our stars and our performers. And as Vince said earlier, we have a very long track record of doing this incredibly successfully for many, many, many years, and we will continue to do so." (A big hat tip to WrestleNomics for the transcription)

AEW have some veterans of the pro wrestling industry, with the likes of Chris Jericho and Matt Hardy, as well as big name stars like Kenny Omega, Jon Moxley, and Cody, to name a few.


They have signed a few wrestlers who were recently with WWE, which includes Brodie Lee and the team formerly known as The Revival.

Last week's AEW show outpowered NXT in the viewership figures, with the company registering an average of 845,000 viewers compared to NXT's 788,000 viewers

A wrestling legend is worried that CM Punk may make a major move against AEW. More details here

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