Triple H confirms Cody Rhodes' serious injury; confronts teary star about Brock Lesnar match

Cody Rhodes and Triple H had a heart-to-heart
Cody Rhodes and Triple H had a heart-to-heart

Triple H appeared this week on WWE RAW at the end of the show. He confronted Cody Rhodes backstage in the locker room about his injury and the upcoming Night of Champions match against Brock Lesnar.

Earlier in the night, Rhodes had suffered two assaults at the hands of Lesnar. The second of the assaults proved very serious, and using the Kimura lock, Lesnar appeared to break Cody's arm.

Despite that, Cody didn't allow medical personnel to check on him and pushed everyone away. The match was still advertised for Night of Champions, despite the injury.

After the end of the show, Triple H confronted Cody backstage in the locker room. He told the star that he had nothing to prove. He also confirmed that he could see that Rhodes' arm was broken and that it was obvious to anyone who saw him.

He added that the star's performance with a torn pectoral muscle against Seth Rollins at Hell in a Cell last year had already proved how tough he was.

Rhodes refused to back down and said he would wrestle Lesnar at Night of Champions. Triple H kept trying to convince him, but he seemed to accept his decision in the end. He patted his back as if to comfort him and left while Cody Rhodes was almost crying, sitting with his head bowed.

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