Triple H on criticisms of Karrion Kross and his heated promo with Adam Cole

Triple H speaks on that heated back and forth exchange between Karrion Kross and Adam Cole.
Triple H speaks on that heated back and forth exchange between Karrion Kross and Adam Cole.

This afternoon Triple H addressed the promo between Adam Cole and Karrion Kross that got the entire WWE Universe buzzing.

During Triple H's media call this afternoon for NXT TakeOver: In Your House, Jason Powell of asked The Game about the promo between Adam Cole and Karrion Kross two weeks ago on NXT and wanted to know why the company chose to target Kross' criticisms that you often see online.

"Well, I think that to me, it's more reality-based when you get into a confrontation with somebody. What would you bring up?" Triple H asked. "Their positives, or would you bring up some of that? And then also bring up some of the things that are criticisms of them or holes in their game, or weaknesses that you see, it's not necessarily a criticism, rarely like we put appropriate bells and whistles on everybody. It's a funny thing that the internet has made up terms like workhorse or stuff like that. It always makes me laugh when I hear something like I'm a workhorse of the brand. Dude, everybody here works hard. If they don't, they're not here long."

Triple H says the reaction Adam Cole and Karrion Kross got made it all okay

Triple H went on to say that the segment delivered an "oh my gosh" moment for the WWE Universe. The Game also said he's not going to tell us if Kross and Cole crossed the line or not, but that because of the reaction the segment got made everything okay.

"Some of that is fair criticism," Triple H continued. "And then some of that is playing to the strengths of a character and what they would say, while delivering something that is an 'oh my gosh' moment, there were a lot of people that questioned that first interaction between Kross and Adam Cole, as they both crossed the line. I'm not going to tell you that they didn't. I am going to tell you that the reaction that they got made it all okay. So what are we really looking for in our business? I don't want to tear anybody down and weaken them as a character, but that's all in where you go with it."

Did you enjoy the back and forth promo between Karrion Kross and Adam Cole? What do you make of Triple H's opinion on it? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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