Triple H on Jeremy Borash's work behind the scenes in NXT

Triple H speaks on how much work Jeremy Borash does behind the scenes at NXT.
Triple H speaks on how much work Jeremy Borash does behind the scenes at NXT.
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Triple H went out of his way to put over the importance of Jeremy Borash to the NXT brand earlier today during the TakeOver: In Your House media call.

Mike Johnson of PWInsider asked The Game about the vignettes that aired on NXT this week with LA Knight and Cameron Grimes, stating they felt like a "Jeremy Borash special."

Triple H confirmed it was and is enjoying the balance that NXT is currently finding within their programming.

"Yeah, I love having a balance of all of it," Triple H admitted. "And I also don't like when you start to get into, well this is what we do with this is how it is that it becomes very formulaic, and then you're stuck there, I think there's opportunities to do all of it at various points and what is funny What's cool is you said is like a Jeremy Borash special like Jeremy Borash specials are across the board in NXT just sometimes you don't realize maybe there Jeremy Borash specials, I go back all the way to the Tian Sha stuff from the very beginning with the origin stories and everything else across the board, a big part of that, Jeremy, and creatively. We all work on it together. NXT is a very collaborative effort."

Triple H reveals a funny story about the Cameron Grimes vignette from this week's NXT

Triple H says everything in NXT is a collaborative effort, and everyone loves working together to execute them. He said everyone enjoyed making those vignettes this week except for Cameron Grimes, who doesn't drink or smoke, so they had to do his things in one take.

"We come up with ideas and concepts," Triple H continued. "Not only in amongst the team, amongst the Borash team in amongst the talent themselves, and then we try to figure out what the best way to go about doing them, And how do we want to execute them. I love those vignettes. They were a lot of fun. I think everybody had a lot of fun making them, apparently except for Grimes, who apparently doesn't know how to smoke a cigar or have a drink, and literally, they had to do that in one take because I think it almost killed them."

Are you surprised to hear all the things Jeremy Borash does in NXT? Do you think he'll be part of Triple H's regime if he ever has to take over the WWE main roster? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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