Triple H opens RAW with bold message ahead of unsure WWE future

Triple H had a message for those in attendance
Triple H had a message for those in attendance

Chief Content Officer Triple H kicked off WWE RAW after WrestleMania by making his way out to the ring.

He started WWE's new era by thanking the fans and everyone involved, including the talent, who made WrestleMania 39 possible. He thanked the fans for filling the stadium, he thanked the stars for their incredible performances, and he thanked the staff behind the scenes. He even specifically picked out Stu, the Cameraman who was out there, to thank, which led to the fans chanting "Stu."

He then addressed the fans about the future of WWE. After the sale to Endeavor, there was a lot of uncertainty about the new direction of the company and how things would change leading into the next year.

His message was an assured one, saying that WWE would be there every week and they would still sell out arenas and stadiums.

"I am here to assure you we ain't going nowhere. The same WWE that you love. The same WWE that got 160,000 people in the rafters is going nowhere."

That done, he said that he had one more man that he wanted to "acknowledge" and welcomed out Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns. As Reigns made his way out to the ring, the two stared each other down and then hugged.

Triple H then made his way to the back.

It remains to be seen how the new era of WWE will pan out.

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