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Triple H opens up about the Wednesday Night Wars and what he focuses on

Triple H
Triple H
Modified 20 Aug 2020

Triple H was part of the press conference for NXT TakeOver: XXX earlier today. During the press conference, Triple H was asked about the ratings in the Wednesday Wars between NXT and AEW as well as about fans debating about it online. In response, Triple H said that his sole focus was NXT but he was happy to see fans were this engaged with the product:

I'm focused on NXT, really, it's a funny thing. You see all the chatter and you see the people arguing and you're like, jeez. I guess for a lot of people it's just a part of that argument and that level of engagement, I mean, thank god they do. They're interested in the industry, in the product and everything else. The arguments about it are passionate and as you said, entertaining.

Triple H also added that WWE was always focused on putting on the best show for the fans:

At the end of the day, for me, it's about our product and our fans. We put out the best product we can and hope fans enjoy it and hope they want to watch. That's really what you do and if you're putting out a great fun product and if fans want to watch it, then phenomenal, if not you have to rethink it and go in a different direction.

Triple H opens up about WWE's focus during the Wednesday Night Wars

Triple H went on to talk a little bit about how WWE judge success during the Wednesday Night Wars:

We look at the breakdown of things much differently, I mean, obviously, you want the shows to be successful but you're looking at the numbers, what worked, what didn't, why, little trends of different things - did these segments drop off when we went to this, did it pick up when it went to that - for small reasons, not necessarily always, you know, people always jump to the biggest conclusion they can. 'This number went down, that talent is not over'. There are so many variables and factors in this, which is why people can argue about it from beginning of the morning to the end of the day. They can go back and forth and argue and you can make arguements one way, you can make arguements another, have at it. I don't worry about those arguements, I don't worry about the conversations, I don't worry about all that other stuff. I worry about NXT and making it the best product possible. How are the talent performing? What can we do better? How can we write better shows? How can we tell better storylines?

Triple H added that he couldn't wait to have fans back in the building. He stressed that he couldn't have fans back so they could voice their opinions about what they loved and didn't love.

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Published 20 Aug 2020, 00:40 IST
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