"Big E and I were talking about this" - Triple H shares details of recent chat with the injured WWE star

Big E has not wrestled since March
Big E has not wrestled since March
Lennard Surrao

Triple H recently opened up about his conversation with Big E when they worked together during July's WWE SummerSlam tryouts. The former WWE Champion is currently out of action with a neck injury but has been helping with the company's recruitment process of late.

The New Day member was a highly-successful athlete in college as he played football and later transitioned to powerlifting. Big E, however, experienced a rough time after his graduation as he didn't have a clear direction in life until he took up professional wrestling as a career.

Triple H said that an ordinary job could never substitute the feeling of being a pro athlete. WWE has emerged as a lucrative destination for many such young sports competitors, and Big E, too, benefited greatly from the opportunity he received to become a WWE Superstar.

Here's what The Game revealed during his appearance on the Impaulsive podcast:

"Big E and I were talking about this just the other day about the recruiting process because while he is out with his injuries, he is kind of like helping, being part of this, said Triple H. "He was saying how devastating it was for him in college. Everything in his life was football and athletics and that comradery of the team."

He further elaborated on the life of a pro-athlete:

"The drive, the grind, and all the things that go into being a pro athlete. And then, all of a sudden, he graduates college, and he is like, it all just stops. That all goes away. 'So, what do I do with my life?' And that drive again, I get a job, well, that's great, but this isn't anywhere near the same level of anything." [1:03:22 - 1:04:10]

Triple H said college athletes no longer have just the Olympics or other similar avenues to pursue as the Stamford-based promotion is actively trying to sign promising talents who can become future world champions.

Many would not turn down the chance to train with the biggest wrestling organization in the world, as Triple H felt WWE focused on comprehensively grooming a talent, not just from an in-ring standpoint.

Triple H explains WWE's NIL program

Get a look behind the scenes at the #SummerSlam Tryout in Nashville where @TripleH, @HeymanHustle, NBA All-Star @DwightHoward and more were on hand to train the next generation of WWE Superstars. Presented by @PureLifeUS

WWE's "Next in Line" initiative has already recruited multiple athletes who are still in college but have showcased all the tools required to be a wrestling superstar. Triple H clarified that WWE's new program wasn't a "transactional" exercise as the promotion genuinely helped the prospects understand the importance of branding.

The new Head of Creative said that the NIL athletes were like "walking billboards" for WWE and that the company intends to support them in different aspects of their lives.

Triple H continued:

"We're not looking for a transactional thing where we, like a chicken company, where we go, here's a few grand, say you love our chicken. We're working with athletes that want to be a part of WWE and that are invested. We're looking for long-term recruiting opportunities with these people," added the 14-time world champion. "Every contest they go to, every game they go to, everywhere they go to, they are representing WWE. They are like a walking billboard." [1:04:40 - 1:05:07]

Do you think WWE's NIL program will produce any future main-event stars? Sound off in the comments section below.

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