Tyler Breeze on the possibility of the LeftRightLeftRight Title appearing on WWE TV

Tyler Breeze is the current LeftRightLeftRight Champion
Tyler Breeze is the current LeftRightLeftRight Champion

Reigning NXT Tag Team Champion Tyler Breeze technically holds more than one piece of gold in WWE currently.

In addition to being one half of the NXT Tag Team Champions with Fandango, Breeze is also the reigning 'LeftRightLeftRight Champion' on WWE Superstar Xavier Wood's YouTube channel Up Up Down Down.

Up Up Down Down is a gaming channel on YouTube created by Xavier Woods that falls under the WWE YouTube umbrella. The videos usually consist of Woods, real name Austin Creed, and his fellow WWE Superstars, such as Tyler Breeze, playing video games and doing wacky challenges.

During a recent interview with ComicBook, Tyler Breeze was asked if he will use the "Tyler 2 Belts" nickname now that he holds two pieces of WWE gold:

"I've put thought into it, but at the same time, it's one of those things that I feel now it's overplayed, I feel like it was... someone did it once they, you know what I mean? And then another person did it and then another person did it, and I just feel like it would be falling into a category of been there, done that for someone else. So I've been letting everybody do their own thing and they've tossed out a couple of different names and stuff like that, but it's really more of a discussion for everybody else on social media. I don't really need to know if I need to partake in that or really say anything about it. I mean, the titles speak for themselves, which like you said the LeftRightLeftRight title, that is a pretty looking title. I don't know if you've really got eyes on it, but my God, that is nice. Which also the newly launched, keep your eyes on there because I'm assuming that it will be available here pretty quick."

The LeftRightLeftRight Championship on WWE TV?

When asked if we could ever see Prince Pretty bring the LeftRightLeftRight Championship to WWE television, Tyler Breeze admitted that he does always have the title with him, so he could try if he wanted to:

"I mean, I'm going to have it with me. So, whether it makes it on TV, it's up to some other people, but I can definitely try."

Tyler Breeze's favourite Breezango attire?

Breezango have become well known for making some over-the-top and theatrical entrances, with some unique ring attire, during their WWE careers.

During the interview, Breeze was asked which unique Breezango look would make the best Funko POP figure. Tyler Breeze admitted that there have been many crazy looks that Breezango have debuted over the years, but one sticks out in his mind:

"It's hard, we've had so many, I would probably say one that I think just stands out to me because it was so clean and crisp looking was when we had the fighter pilot look. It was all white, everything was all white and to me, it just looked so cool. I literally looked straight out of Top Gun, man. And then also, I think I probably want to go with the astronauts. The astronauts was a blast, so I think I'd go astronauts and then the all-white."

What is your favourite Breezango entrance in WWE?

Edited by Owen Churchill
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