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Tyler Breeze gives honest details of what he thought of Fandango when they met for the first time

Tyler Breeze
Tyler Breeze
Modified 26 Jun 2020

Tyler Breeze and Fandango have to be two of the most underrated Superstars in WWE today. The two men languished as singles competitors for a long time before finally getting a taste of success after being paired as a tag-team.

Even though Breezango have not yet won any tag-team gold, they have continued to entertain the fans with their hilarious antics behind the scene and as part of their ring entrance.

Tyler Breeze and Fandango were moved to NXT from the main roster last year but unfortunately haven't played a major role since their return to the black and gold brand.

While speaking on WWE's The Bump, Prince Pretty Tyler Breeze talked about how impressed he was with Fandango the first time he saw him:

So, the funny part is that I met Fandango years ago. I was in FCW. I believe he was already on the road working for the original NXT. We were out one night in Tampa. I knew of him, but I never talked to him. When he showed up, I was like this dude is the dude. I was like my God he's the coolest. He was what I wanted to be. He walked in like he was the man, and he was only in there for like five minutes. He impressed us all then left.

Tyler Breeze on finally being teamed up with Fandango:

Years later, he's Fandango, and I get called up as Tyler Breeze, then somebody said let's pair you two together. We meshed right away, especially once we started doing the fun stuff like with R-Truth. It's so fun to work with him.

Apart from making the fans laugh through their backstage skits, the two men have been very prominent on WWE's Youtube series, Southpaw Wrestling.

When asked about when we will finally see the comedy show return, here is what Fandango said:

Cold pizza, warm beer and back body drops, that's all I can say

Tyler Breeze also stated that he never expected Fashion Files to become as popular as it did. He revealed that a SmackDown writer had the idea to put the show on SmackDown each week.

Published 26 Jun 2020, 18:34 IST
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