Uncle Howdy takes over WWE show suddenly after hint on RAW; first move after saying, "See you tonight"

WWE saw a huge incident tonight that many missed (CREDIT: RAW TALK, WWE,com)
WWE saw a huge incident tonight that many missed (CREDIT: RAW TALK on Sony Liv app, WWE.com)

Things are coming to a head on WWE RAW as Uncle Howdy apparently decided to start taking things over. After months of hints, it seems the faction has finally decided to take action.

Over the last several months, clues have appeared during glitches on WWE shows. Uncle Howdy has appeared in several hints and written messages. Sister Abigail was also spotted in one a few weeks back. Now, it appears that the rumored faction finally decided to take things into their own hands as they took over a WWE show.

A QR Code appeared on RAW tonight after Ludwig Kaiser defeated Sheamus. This led to a site with a lot of information and an audio file. The file, when played in reverse, said, "A massacre is coming. Run and hide. Run and hide."

On top of that, there was a photo that directly said, "See you tonight."

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Fans thought this meant Uncle Howdy could appear on RAW. That's not exactly what happened, but what they did was something no one had predicted.

Before RAW Talk could start, Uncle Howdy hijacked the intro and took over the show. The show did not begin; instead, a message appeared on the screen.

"I have shown you signs and wonders / Yet you do not believe? /I offered you hope /Freedom from the pit /You spit in my face /Mock my family /Question my timing /One last chance /An opportunity to repent /But my patience runs thin /There is a reckoning coming /Your belief is indifferent /It is inevitable /You will learn you are finite /And you shall all behold /What we have become /A massacre is coming."

Finally, the show was back with Sam Roberts and Megan Morant shaken by what had happened. They continued, but the specter of the show being taken over loomed large.

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Edited by Angana Roy
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