Undertaker describes 'catastrophic' WWE match against Goldberg at Saudi Arabia

The Undertaker and Goldberg in WWE's Saudi Arabia show
The Undertaker and Goldberg in WWE's Saudi Arabia show

The Undertaker is known for being one of the best wrestlers with the most recognizable gimmicks in the world of wrestling. However, when The Undertaker faced Goldberg in what was expected to be a dream match that the fans had been hoping to see for a very long time. Unfortunately, when it happened, it was not all that the WWE Universe wanted from it.

Recently, during The Undertaker's Last Ride documentary, The Undertaker talked about his match against Goldberg and said that it was close to being 'catastrophic' and that he was very disappointed with the overall match as he had been looking forward to it as well.

The Undertaker recalls catastrophic WWE match with Goldberg

The Undertaker recalled how the match with Goldberg came about and what was his mindset going into the battle. He said that WWE COO Triple H called him and asked him if he wanted to face Goldberg in Saudi Arabia, and The Undertaker admitted that when the offer was made, he was actually looking forward to it, as he did not feel that he would get too many opportunities to do 'first-time-ever' matches for much longer against someone like Goldberg at this stage of his career in WWE.

"It was Triple H that called me and asked me, 'what do you think about working with Goldberg in Saudi?' And I said, 'wow, I mean, on paper, that's huge.' And I never worked with him. At this juncture in my career, you don't have very many opportunities to work with somebody of that magnitude for the first time ever kind of deal."

The Undertaker went on to talk about how Goldberg would get a concussion early on in the match.

Before that, he wanted to make sure that they would be able to deliver on the hype that the WWE Universe had for The Undertaker vs Goldberg. He had wanted people to leave thinking about what a good match they had watched. Instead, he was dejected after the match and admitted that afterward, he actually considered his wrestling career, and possibly retiring from WWE.

"My reactions after the match, I had this dejected look on my face. It was there because I was upset. [Goldberg] was really disappointed and I was disappointed. it's just like, wow, that was really close to being catastrophic."

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