Triple H provides update on Velveteen Dream and Pat McAfee's NXT status

Will Pat McAfee return to be a King of NXT?
Will Pat McAfee return to be a King of NXT?

On a recent media call, Triple H opened up about many things, including a handful of Superstars' NXT status. Two NXT stars that Triple H was asked about were former North American Champion Velveteen Dream, and the leader of the self-proclaimed Kings of NXT, Pat McAfee.


On the NXT status of Velveteen Dream, Triple H kept it brief.

"He's still training. He had a little bit of a physical thing here for a bit, but still here, still with us, still PC, still training. Still on the roster."

When discussing when fans will next see Pat McAfee in NXT again, Triple H elaborated a little more.

"As far as Pat McAfee, Pat's limitations are, he's a busy guy. Pat is one of the most successful - I hate to put a title on what he does because I feel like it's limiting to him - but as you say, podcaster, media personality, sports world personality, there's almost every weekend that I look online during football season Pat seems to be trending on the weekends with his coverage of football, his occasion with Fanduel, just everything that he does. As you can imagine, going into the playoffs and into the Superbowl was a very busy time for him."

He continued:

"So it was not a matter of, you know, everybody leans into everything, and has a take on it, and it runs on the internet, and everybody speculates, and Pat loves that, as do we. His learning about his firing on air was greatly exaggerated. But Pat, he's a busy dude and we've been talking about it and he had said 'gimme a moment to breathe when the Superbowl is over' because he got married not that long ago... I think he just needed to take a breather. He loves it, and that's the one thing that I love about Pat."

As well as Pat McAfee's NXT run, Triple H is impressed with another crossover star

Triple H carried on after heaping praise on Pat McAfee. He also had great things to say about Bad Bunny, who has been appearing on RAW since the Royal Rumble. Discussing the popular rap star, Triple H said:

"I can tell you, I have not been more impressed with anyone sorta kinda walking in the door with a 'hey, I'd like to do this thing with you guys and engage with you' as Bad Bunny... He is phenomenal, so respectful to what we do, is the biggest fan, he is living a dream right now"

Would you like to see Velveteen Dream and Pat McAfee back in NXT? How have you found Bad Bunny's WWE run so far? Sound off in the comment below.

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