[VIDEO] Uncle Howdy confronts Alexa Bliss on WWE RAW

Alexa Bliss and Uncle Howdy
Alexa Bliss is a former women's champion

Uncle Howdy appeared on Monday Night RAW and confronted Alexa Bliss.

Tonight on the red brand, Kevin Patrick provided an update on Bianca Belair following Bliss' attack last week, saying The EST would be ok. He also noted that Bliss was fined for the incident.

Just then, Alexa Bliss showed up and stood on the announcer's desk. Bliss claimed Bianca Belair had to go and hide because she was afraid of her. She also called herself "the face of evil."

Alexa Bliss said she didn't feel bad about her actions because she had finally taken control and was in charge. She noted that she wasn't afraid to tear more scars into Belair and take the RAW Women's Championship away from her.

Just then, a video package of Uncle Howdy started airing on the titantron. He asked if Bliss felt in charge. His music played, and the masked figure came out and stood on the entrance ramp to end the segment.

This was Uncle Howdy's first appearance on Monday Night RAW. From now on, it will be interesting to see what role he could play in Bliss's transformation. It will also be interesting to see if this will cause her to team up with Bray Wyatt again.

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